Thursday, 2023 September 28

WeChat is testing user ratings for Mini Programs

WeChat has confirmed that it is testing a feature to let users leave ‘star ratings’ on mini-programs. The feature is now available in the latest version of its Android app, and some users have reported being prompted to review a mini-program upon opening it.

These ratings can be viewed publicly, providing a reference to users before using a mini program. It also incentivizes quality in a more tangible way: Mini-programs with a high rating will be entitled to advertising credits to help them reach more users.

WeChat says it is building a two-pronged system to define high-quality mini-programs: usage statistics including popularity, user growth, and time spent, as well as user feedback.

Last week, the company revised its ad revenue share policy, giving Mini Program developers wider opportunities to earn revenue.

The new policy lets developers of “creative games” with less than RMB 2 million (USD 290,000) in daily advertising revenue keep 70% of ad earnings. Meanwhile, creative game developers who earn more than RMB 2 billion in daily ad revenue, as well as developers of “ordinary” mini-programs, retain 50% of ad revenue.

Tencent claimed more than one million mini-programs in November 2018 after debuting the feature in 2017, and more than 200 million daily mini program users last August. The company also said in December that daily visits to mini-programs had increased 54% year-on-year.


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