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[Tuning In] Turning the underbanked into the unstoppable — Debbie Watkins is bridging financial divides for women

Debbie Watkins is the co-founder and CEO of Lucy. Based out of Singapore, Lucy is a mobile financial services app designed from the ground up to provide entrepreneurial women everywhere with the tools they need to take control of their financial future, realize their potential, and to grow and thrive.

Debbie has 20+ years of experience in technology for financial inclusion, mobile-enabled products and services, in addition to business and strategy consulting and management. She has lived in Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Singapore for more than 15 years, and worked in 20+ more countries across Africa and Asia. 

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

KrAsia (Kr): Can you give us your elevator pitch for Lucy?

Debbie Watkins (DW): Lucy is a financial services app, designed from the ground up to help women who want to start and grow their own businesses. Firstly, we focus on recognizing the unique needs of each female micro-entrepreneur, across socio-economic divides. Next, we carefully tailor the products and services that they would need at different stages of their growth. Finally, we promote a holistic approach to business — bearing in mind that this is not just about financial services. Lucy provides additional value to micro-entrepreneurs via microtraining and networking features, pushing them toward success.

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