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To win China’s social turf war, Tencent and ByteDance pledge big spending for upcoming Spring Festival

As Spring Festival, the most important Chinese festival, is around the corner, Chinese internet companies are sparing no efforts to leverage the festive spirit towards growth in new users and stickiness, by throwing various money-giving campagins.

For instance, ByteDance’s short-video app Douyin, or Tik Tok outside China, is launching a campagin to let users who manage to virtually collect all seven music notes between January 28th and February 4th share a RMB500 million (US$74.3 million) prize money pool in the form of electronic red envelops.

Douyin users could visit a specific campaign page and take part in different tasks, including inviting new friends to register the app, to collect the music notes.

In addition, Duoshan, Bytedance’s recent attempt to dethrone WeChat, is also giving out a total of around US$15 million prizes for users who invite friends over or send New Year greetings video to their contacts.

Tencent, on the other hand, is making things easier for the users. Its short-video app WeSee will just “shower” red-envelopes on a random basis for those who watch videos on this platform between Feb 3rd and Feb 5th.

Tencent plans to spend 500 million yuan ($74.3 million) for the campaign.

Editor: Ben Jiang

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Jingli Song
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