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Tencent may launch a phone for its game lovers

Chinese social and gaming giant Tencent is cooperating with several smartphone makers on a phone designed for gaming lovers, 36Kr reported Monday, citing multiple sources.

InLab, which is managed under Tencent’s Interactive and Entertainment Group, is in charge of this new business.

Who will end up making this phone, which is to be powered by Qualcomm processors, still has to be decided by InLab, which has contacted several original design manufacturers including ASUS, Razer, Wintech, and Blackshark.

Prices and launch schedules have yet to be set for the phone, which will sport a Tencent logo or a Tencent logo plus the logo of the manufacturer.

Neither Tencent, nor Qualcomm, nor any of the ODMs, has responded to 36Kr’s request for comment.

36Kr is the parent company of KrAsia.

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Jingli Song
Jingli Song
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