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Tencent links up with the State Grid of China to build industrial internet infrastructure for the power sector

Tencent founder Pony Ma visited the State Grid of China on Thursday in a bid to develop industrial internet infrastructure for the electric utility, according to the State Grid Corporation’s website.

Ma said that Tencent’s corporate reshuffle last year laid the groundwork for the company to build a cloud and smart industry business group, which will construct industrial internet frameworks for various sectors in China and provide businesses with digital tools. He added that Tencent can share its expertise in big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing with the State Grid.

Kou Wei, chairman of the State Grid, said the utility will deploy technical measures like data mining to improve efficiency and safety in China’s power sector.

The industrial internet of things (IIoT), also known as the industrial internet, merges machines, analytics, and people into a single workflow. The term is coined by General Electric, which estimates that the sector could be a USD 225 billion market by 2020. It added that the industrial internet is a network of industrial devices connected by communications technologies that results in systems that can monitor, collect, exchange, analyze, and deliver insights, driving smarter, faster business decisions for industrial companies.

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