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Tencent is integrating WeChat into new cars this year

The vice president of Tencent Auto Intelligence, Zhong Xuedan, said the first cars with a pre-installed WeChat instant messaging app will be rolled out this year, according to online tech news portal

The preloaded in-vehicle WeChat app comes with speech recognition, giving drivers hands-free access and usage. The app can let drivers send messages or initiate voice calls. Using a bluetooth connection with the driver’s smartphone, the user is automatically logged on when boarding the car, and logged off when exiting.

Tencent is working with automakers to add a button on the steering wheel for manual operation of the in-car WeChat application.

This new development is part of Tencent’s Internet of Vehicles (IoV) solutions for automakers. Although IoV is considered as one of the next big things for the automobile industry, where vehicles will communicate with each other to maintain traffic flow and avoid accidents, the field’s basic standards and requirements haven’t been defined yet.

Tencent said it has tie-ups with 19 automakers under the Tencent Auto Intelligence banner. In all, 45 new vehicle models will be rolled out with IoV systems. The tech company has also gathered more than 300 third-party partners to join in as well, but declined to provide further details when approached by KrASIA.

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