Sunday, 2024 February 25

Tencent-backed second-hand goods app gains traction with 50 million monthly active users in 2018

Tencent-backed Zhuanzhuan released its first annual white paper, providing insights into the second-hand e-commerce platform’s usage data for 2018.

Zhuanzhuan apparently surpassed 200 million users in 2018, with monthly active users across its app and WeChat mini-program surpassing 50 million people. Gross order volume doubled from the year before, and the three most popular product categories were mobile phones, apparel (including clothes, shoes, and hats), and books. By the end of the year, the platform’s services covered 546 cities in China.

A comprehensive e-commerce platform for secondhand goods, Zhuanzhuan lets users buy and sell used items while guaranteeing quality inspection and facilitating delivery services. Users can create short videos, complete with filters and soundtracks, to promote their products, and also communicate directly through the platform’s messaging service.

Zhuanzhuan, already considered a unicorn company, previously had trouble with counterfeit goods and illegal ware on its platform but vowed to clean up its act.


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