Tuesday, 2023 December 5

Singaporean drivers caught gaming the system with bootleg versions of Grab and Gojek apps

Some Grab and Gojek drivers in Singapore are trying to get a bigger cut of fees from their rides by cheating the system. They’re using bootleg versions of the apps that allow them to bypass verification, fake locations, and cancel jobs without penalties, The New Paper reports.

Services related to the usage of these bootleg apps were advertised on an online community dedicated to hacking. One ad, which was cited in the report, provided technical support for drivers who wished to use these apps by forking over monthly payments of SGD 350 for a Grab driver and SGD 200 for a Gojek driver.

Providing and using these apps carry serious legal consequences. Drivers involved in the scam could face a fine of up to SGD 10,000 and a prison sentence of up to three years, James Ow Yong of Kalco Law told The New Paper.

Both Grab and Gojek said they were aware of these apps and will take action against drivers who use them, the report said.


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