Wednesday, 2024 February 28

The Philippines’ largest telco takes a multi-vendor approach to hedge ‘Huawei risk’

PLDT, the largest telco and internet provider in the Philippines, explained its pragmatic approach to dealing with the possible security risks that come with upgrading telecoms infrastructure to 5G.

Chinese firm Huawei is considered one of the world leaders in 5G technology. but the US has warned countries that working closely with Huawei might make them vulnerable to data exploits from China. Huawei is said to have ties to the Chinese government.

PLDT CEO Manny Pangilinan said that his firm is not shutting Huawei out, but is instead looking at a multi-vendor approach, with ZTE, Nokia, Ericsson, and Samsung as other potential vendors.

At an event, PLDT executive Eric Alberto had also said that working with multi-national cybersecurity experts such as companies from Israel, the US companies, and Japan will help mitigate risks, according to Rappler.

The US is looking increasingly isolated in its strict stance towards Huawei, as most countries, including European countries, are still debating ways to allow the firm’s equipment to be used safely, with additional compliance measures.



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