Wednesday, 2023 December 6

Online plastic surgery consultations surged during COVID-19 crisis in China

As many of us have discovered, self-isolation due to a pandemic can lead to extreme boredom. But it seems that some are also getting bored of their own faces.

Chinese app SoYoung, which connects plastic surgery clinics with patients, recorded a whopping 134% growth in online consultations in February, during the height of the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Around 40,000 people requested a live diagnosis over video in that month alone, the company’s founder and CEO Jin Xing told local media.

Beyond connecting doctors and patients, SoYoung also provides an online community for plastic surgery fans. Users are encouraged to create “beauty diaries,” posting content about their surgery and the recovery process. The number of these diaries—which includes photos and videos—reached 3.5 million in February. The app also provides various camera filters to help users visualize how their faces could look after the procedures.

This article first appeared on Abacus News.


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