Thursday, 2023 October 5

Live music streaming pioneer Boiler Room touches down in China

Live music streaming broadcaster Boiler Room made a second attempt at landing in China last week, hosting and live-streaming events in Beijing and Shanghai.

Best-known for broadcasting DJ sets and live performances online, Boiler Room highlights local music scenes and artists around the world and has amassed a large following on Western social media.

This was the company’s first return to China in three years, following up on two shows it arranged in 2016. A company spokesperson said the company was now hoping to organize shows in different areas of China on a monthly basis.

Boiler Room’s focus on live video streaming, which is a money-making industry in China, coupled with the rise of electronic music and hip hop among Chinese youth, could bode well for the company’s Chinese ambitions. The electronic music brand’s online following on Chinese social media platforms, however, is negligible, so it will have to find new ways to bring its content to Chinese fans.

Editor: Nadine Freischlad


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