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KEY STAT | Number of online hospitals in China increased sixfold last year

As per the latest count of KPMG, the number of China’s online hospitals has reached 1,650, almost six times more than at the time when COVID-19 started in late 2019.

Online healthcare consultants and other internet-based services have grown rapidly in the past year, promoted by the epidemic, said the KPMG report from December, received by KrASIA.

While 52% of the doctors who practice online were invited by third-party platforms like WeDoctor, DXY, and Ping An Good Doctor, 22% of them were asked to do so by the hospital they work for, as local medical institutes initiated online services in order to tap into the digitalization trend.

In fact, the hospitals’ online channels have become the most-used digital service platforms for Chinese doctors, KPMG found in its survey.

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Julianna Wu
Julianna Wu
Data visualist & writer

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