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Introducing the “Hello World 2020: In Retrospect – A New Era for Global Businesses”

This year, the global economy has experienced turbulent change, and it would be difficult to select a theme for the worldwide business climate in 2020. Would it be the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical tensions and protectionism, technological innovation, economic recovery, or digital transformation?

Businesses around the world are facing numerous challenges in the wake of the pandemic. Stock markets continue to fluctuate, further exacerbated by an uncertain geopolitical climate riddled with increasing protectionism. Even among the difficulties and confusing circumstances, innovators and entrepreneurs are staying the course.

Despite the obstacles, the COVID-19 crisis has spurred the rapid digital transformation of many businesses to seize new opportunities. China’s further opening of its financial markets showcased yet another example of increasing globalization.

This newly created and thriving online economy has allowed people to explore new working lifestyles, paved the way for digital currencies, and brain-computer interfaces, as continuous technological innovation continues to evolve with the times.

On December 15 and 16, 36Kr Global will hold its “Hello World 2020” year-end event reviewing the changes and trends in the global business landscape in 2020. Some of the topics up for discussion will be the future prospects of global business and technology, venture capital opportunities in emerging markets, and the globalization of Chinese companies, among others.

More than 40 speakers will attend this year’s event, including leaders in the new economy, executives from Chinese and foreign firms, globally-minded unicorn founders, all of whom are deeply integrated into the next generation of innovation and digital transformation. We’d also like to specifically invite technology observers and stakeholders from traditional industries to join and participate in the discussion.

Join us in reviewing this year’s new economy ups and downs, at「Hello World 2020: In Retrospect – A New Era for Global Businesses」. Stay tuned to KrASIA for more updates on the agenda and speakers!

Speakers Line-up Preview


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