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Future interaction in a digital world | Apsara Horizon 2021

Apsara Horizon is the dialogue segment of Alibaba Group’s Apsara Conference. It features figures who are engaging with Asia’s cutting-edge technologies. In these dialogues, esteemed guests share their stories and perspectives on the challenges, opportunities, and future of their respective fields. The topic of the second Apsara Horizon conversation on October 20 was “Future interaction in a digital world,” with guest speakers Cheng Zhuo, marketing director of FaceUnity, and Ender Jiang, CEO of Hiverlab.

Cheng and Zhuo are both creating new realms for interactions between people. FaceUnity provides AI-driven avatars, and Hiverlab works with immersive technology to re-create various environments. Their technology are essential parts of the metaverse, which is still in its nascent stages even though we have conceptual views of what it represents. “For me, the metaverse is still waiting to be identified. It’s like a big black box. All the technology companies all over the world and multiple industries are trying to expand its definition,” Cheng said.

Despite the value that digital interactions bring to society, our work-from-home arrangements have also elicited doubts about spending too much time on devices and engaging with digital platforms excessively. Jiang acknowledged those concerns, especially when it comes to the development of children. He noted that seeking a better understanding of end users’ demands and expectations plays a role in crafting solutions and standing out among competition.

Check out the full conversation in “Future interaction in a digital world” below:

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