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DJI updates geofencing system to ensure safer airspace over European airports

The world’s largest drone maker DJI announced today it would update its geofencing system for users from European countries in an aim to prevent its drones from flying close to major European airports.

The announcement comes right after UK’s second largest airport Gatwick was forced to shut down due to drone sightings.

The new updates feature three-dimensional no-fly zone surrounding flight paths rather than previous simple and smaller two-dimensional circles.

Drone pilots with verified DJI accounts cannot fly their drones in a geo-fenced area without special authorization.

DJI first created No-Fly Zones for its drones in 2013 and introduced the geo-fencing system called Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) in 2016, adding updated restricted new zones from time to time.

DJI announced the geo-fencing update worldwide early in October last year, with drone users in the United States as the first to feel the impact.

Editor: Ben Jiang

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