Sunday, 2024 February 25

Dental startup Zenyum raises USD 13.6 million Series A to expand across Asia

Singapore-based dental startup Zenyum has raised USD 13.6 million in Series A funding from RTP Global, Sequoia India, TNB Aura, Enterprise Singapore’s investment arm SEEDS Capital and other investors.

Founded in 2018 by experienced tech entrepreneurs Julian Artopé and Frederik Krass, the startup has a mission to make invisible braces more accessible across Asia. The company leverages the power of technology and a fast-growing network of dentists and orthodontists to deliver affordable, high quality, and highly personalized cosmetic dental products.

Zenyum’s app provides monitoring and guidance throughout the customer journey and serves as a touchpoint between doctors, Zenyum experts, and customers; while saving chair time in clinics. Patients are assessed on their compatibility for Zenyum treatment via a pre-assessment conducted through its website.

The startup partners with more than 100 clinics where patients can visit to get the 3D intra-oral scan by a local doctor.

Zenyum currently operates in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand, with expansion into Vietnam, Indonesia, and Taiwan currently underway. The startup said the majority of its customers are upwardly mobile millennials who have recently entered the workforce.

The new funding will be used to power further market expansion as well as extend its range of products. Galina Chifina, partner at RTP Global, said in a press statement that the startup has gained impressive traction in a short period of time and is on track to build a large consumer brand with deep regional reach.

Zenyum was part of the inaugural Surge cohort, a rapid scale-up program for early-stage startups in India and Southeast Asia launched by Sequoia Capital India earlier this year.


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