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Daily Digest | Transparent philanthropy

Hi there. It’s Brady.

Many charity organizations are not financially efficient. This is not necessarily a consequence of graft; rather, other factors like financial inexperience and hefty overhead come into play.

What if every transaction of a charity was visible, searchable, transparent? I do not mean through regularly published financial statements, but in real time. That’s what a group of blockchain professionals in Vietnam are trying to do. They’re raising money to buy medicine and protective equipment as the country contends with a deadly fourth wave, using the traits of crypto to ensure the processes are clean and clear.

It’s called the MaskOn Charity, and it had already raised more than USD 62,300 when Stephanie checked the balances of their wallets yesterday. MaskOn follows the patterns of a much larger fund in India that was organized in a similar fashion and raised more than USD 440 million.

Every bit of money that goes toward buying crucial supplies is meaningful. Check out Stephanie’s story here.

Daily Roundup

Shopee enters France, Spain, and Poland in aggressive European expansion.

Douyin and Kuaishou were fined for running JD Finance ad deemed “predatory.”

WeChat and Douyin content may become searchable by external parties, report says.

Tun Yat’s co-founder unpacks his experience of growing the agritech startup amid Myanmar’s political turmoil.

Sony to sell mobile gaming subsidiary for USD 1 billion.

Event Highlight

From October 19 to 22, Alibaba Group’s Apsara Conference brings together China’s thought leaders, experts, and decision-makers to weigh in on all things tech. Check out the 100+ panels and new solutions debuting at the event!

Creating the future with 3D printing | Apsara Horizon 2021.

Living with Robots | Apsara Horizon 2021.

Conquering the depths with robots | Apsara Horizon 2021.

Tune into Alibaba Group’s 2021 Apsara Conference from October 19 to 22.


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