Tuesday, 2024 February 27

Daily Digest | Reading the wind (and floods and fires)

Hi. It’s Brady here, starting a new week.

Fire scars are being left on large swathes of land, rapid floods are leaving cities underwater for days or weeks at a time, and superstorms are wreaking havoc on densely populated places. Our weather is changing drastically, and we are woefully unprepared.

It is more important than ever to study the effects of these anomalies. (Or are they really norms now?) The way we mitigate the next disaster may depend on new insights generated by experts who are trying to crack the climate code.

One way to gather the necessary data is by collecting it from open sources—crowdsourcing, in a sense. Researchers are doing this on Twitter. In some cases, they’re even generating alerts for people still in areas where there are emergencies, providing crucial information to individuals who need to make decisions about how to stay safe.

Khamila had the story. You can check it out here.

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