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Daily Digest | Obsessed with Gen Z?

Hey. It’s Brady again.

Here are two questions: if you’re an investor in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or even later in your life, how do you look five or ten years ahead to define what Gen Z will want, do, and consume? How do you cut the right checks today with the expectation to reap manifold rewards down the line?

I’m not an investor, but I do know there are no easy answers. In Bangalore, Moulishree set out to unpack the issue. She spoke with the co-founders of 2am VC, both of whom are young and ready to explore emerging spaces like crypto and self-directed investment platforms.

We recently published takeaways from Cyanhill Capital’s mid-year report on China’s Gen Z consumers too. This takes into account a severe gender imbalance, significant events that they might have experienced (even if afar, through a screen), and the intermingling of online habits with offline behaviors.

These are two different looks at the most connected generation ever, in the two most populous countries. If you read both articles, I hope you formulate different conclusions about two sets of people in different places, because our reporters do their best to inject cultural fluency and on-the-ground know-how to present the most important facts for you.

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