Friday, 2024 March 1

Daily Digest | A green coin?

Hey. Brady here. It’s Friday, so we’ll keep it light.

Given Bhutan’s emphasis on visionary environmental conservation, we were surprised to hear that the country was developing a central bank digital currency, since blockchain-based transactions have been characterized as energy-sucking, rainforest-burning things.

But Bhutan’s Royal Monetary Authority is moving forward with that, and will roll out a digital ngultrum in phases to reach 85% national financial inclusion by 2023. That’s an incredibly fast pace, even for a country with just 780,000 people.

Ripple is building the CBDC. Stephanie spoke with their vice president of central bank engagements and CBDCs. Read about it here.

Daily Roundup

  • Crypto exchange Huobi’s COO Jiawei Zhu stepped down in April, five months after reported arrest.
  • NeuroBlade raises USD 83 million in Series B funding to accelerate data analytics.
  • Dubai-based crypto exchange BitOasis raises USD 30 million Series B.

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