Wednesday, 2024 February 28

China’s Xiaomi surges forward, becoming second only to Samsung in the Indonesian smartphone market

Canalys, a global technology market analyst firm, recently announced Chinese smartphone maker – Xiaomi’s outstanding first quarter performance in the Indonesia smartphone market. While IDC, a market research organization, released a report last November indicated that Xiaomi was only at fifth place, with a mere 6.2% market share in the Indonesia’s mobile phones sector, Xiaomi has since grown to acquire 18.3% of the market with 1.7 million customers according to a PingWest report yesterday.

Top 5 Players in Indonesia’s Smartphone Market from Canalys estimates, Smartphone Analysis, May 2018

A year-on-year growth rate of 1455%, specifically growing from 107,000 users to a staggering 1.7 million, drove Xiaomi’s near dominance in Indonesia, with other Chinese smartphone makers trailing far behind. This could bode well as a confidence booster for potential investors in Xiaomi’s upcoming IPO.

Source: Pingwest


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