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CHINA BRIEF | Wuhan travel restrictions to be lifted April 8, allowing residents with green QR codes to leave

Authorities in Hubei province announced Tuesday that its capital, Wuhan, will lift outbound travel restrictions on April 8 and resume public transportation services. Residents in cities in Hubei other than Wuhan can begin travelling freely on March 25.

Those seeking to leave Wuhan will still need to show a green QR code as a proof of their virus-free health status, according to the official website of Hubei province, obtained by filling out a slew of questions on channels including a specially made WeChat mini-program launched March 10. The measure is just one of many across China that makes use of QR codes to track, identify, and sequester potential cases.

The announcement comes more than two months after Wuhan was quarantined to curb the spread of coronavirus, with other cities in the province following shortly after. Between March 18 and March 22, there have been no confirmed cases in Hubei, and one new case on Monday, March 23.

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Jingli Song
Jingli Song
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