Wednesday, 2024 February 21

CHINA BRIEF | State-owned Changan Automobile unveils level 3 self-driving system

Chongqing-based automaker Changan Automobile has released its level 3 autonomous driving system, the company announced on Tuesday.

The self-driving system will be equipped in the Chongqing-based automaker’s UNI-T models, unveiled on March 5. The automaker will start mass production of UNI-T vehicles later this month.

Under the standards outlined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), level 3 automation allows vehicles to drive without human operations in limited driving conditions while a human driver will respond to requests for intervention and take manual control in emergencies.

Changan’s self-driving system has a maximum detection radius of over 200 meters with an accuracy of 10 centimeters. Vehicles equipped with this system has traveled a total of nearly 50 million kilometers in test drives under over 10,000 road conditions, said Zhu Huarong, Changan Automobile’s president.

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