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CHINA BRIEF | Medical imaging solution provider Xpect Vision closes USD 21.4 million Series B+

Shenzhen-based semiconductor and medical imaging machine manufacturer Xpect Vision has scored RMB 150 million (USD 21.4 million) in its Series B+ round, led by Jianxing Medical Fund, 36Kr reported on Monday.

Jianxing Medical Fund, which was co-initialed by CCB International, an investment service provider controlled by China Construction Bank, has also been an investor for AI-powered image diagnosis solution provider Shukun Technologies in its Series B round.

Founded in 2015, Xpect Vision has been focusing on designing chips for X-ray detectors that leverage quantum computing and on producing imaging machines to help doctors better screen for various illnesses.

Following this round, the company will build manufacturing plants to mass produce such machines and start developing other products.

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Jingli Song
Jingli Song
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