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CHINA BRIEF | Chinese Premier Li’s Two Sessions press conference to go online to safeguard public health

Chinese premier Li Keqiang’s Two Sessions closing press conference will be held in the form of videoconference to safeguard public health, as a measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, state media reported on Thursday.

Unlike previous years, reporters will not show up on this occasion at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to raise their questions. Instead, they will direct questions to Li via videos, according to The event is scheduled to start today at 4:00 p.m. Beijing Time.

The conference will be also broadcast live as usual by state media CCTV, but citizens can also follow it via a mini program on WeChat launched by China’s State Council, called Guowuyuan Kehuduan, according to the State Council.

The mini program went live on WeChat in early 2019, offering basic services such as pension fund inquiry and benefits inquiry for disabled persons.

Although the State Council has a standalone app and another mini program on Alipay, the livestream will be only available on the Guowuyuan Kehuduan mini program on WeChat.

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Jingli Song
Jingli Song
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