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Top 10 most attractive workplaces in China for young programers

Beijing-based app factory ByteDance, which created the short video platform TikTok as well as other apps that are popular in China, is the workplace most favored by programmers in their 20s, according to a report released by online recruitment platform, which has US-listed as its strategic investor.

Lashou said 82% of China’s programmers were born in the 1990s, citing data generated on its platform, and indicated that among China’s internet companies, ByteDance has received the highest number of resumes from this population.

Unsurprisingly, to maintain their edge, tech companies recognize the importance of maintaining a young staff. In March, Tencent fired 200 mid-level executives to make space for younger employees. Baidu has also launched a retirement scheme for its executives.

Overall, without taking age into account, LinkedIn previously found that Alibaba, Baidu, and ByteDance are China’s top three companies to work for in 2019.

Here are the top ten companies in Lashou’s rankings.

No. 10: 360 Security Technology


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No. 9: Ant Financial


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No. 8: Didi

Photo: KrAsia

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No. 7: Baidu

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No. 6:


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No. 5: NetEase


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No. 4: Xiaomi


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No. 3 : Alibaba

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No. 2: Tencent

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No. 1: ByteDance


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