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Alibaba doubles its global cloud market share with aggressive approach and APAC growth

An Aggressive Cloud

Alibaba’s cloud business almost doubled its global market share to 7.7% in 2018, trailing only behind Amazon (47.8%) and Microsoft (15.5%), a Gartner report out on July 10 says.

Analysts at the global IT market researcher credited the growth to Alibaba’s “aggressive” approach, which has helped the company build up one of the most comprehensive cloud computing service offerings. The strategy also gives rise to a bountiful supply of managed service providers (MSP) and independent software vendors (ISV) on its cloud premise.

APAC contributes to the growth

In addition to its aggressive tactic, a significant stride in the APAC (Asia Pacific) region also underpinned the company’s nearly doubled growth. Hangzhou-based Alibaba Cloud has been steadily growing its business in APAC, where it is the market leader with a 19.6% market share, more than the combined share of Amazon and Microsoft in the area. Over the past few years, it has launched a wide network of availability zones across countries and regions including Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Japan.

Jingli Song
Jingli Song
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