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36Kr Chuhai launches website to help global entrepreneurs integrate into China

36Kr Chuhai (“出海”) announces the launch of its standalone website at today, as part of the fast-growing online publication’s continuing efforts to bridge the information gap between Chinese and overseas market and help global companies dock in China effectively.

Founded in 2017, 36Kr Chuhai is China’s leading digital media dedicated to bringing global tech news and trends to China. It currently sits under the umbrella of 36Kr Global, the international subsidiary of Nasdaq-listed Chinese new economy media 36Kr, and is the sister brand of English tech news outlet KrASIA.

Prior to the website launch, 36Kr Chuhai adopted a multi-channel strategy to distribute its content. It shared its content through 36Kr, the pioneering digital media in new economy service field in China, Wechat Account, Toutiao, and many others. Chuhai’s coverage ranges from overseas tech market news and trends to deep insights into global business ecosystem and it has published over 2,000 editorials, collectively reaching more than 20 million views.

In addition, 36Kr Chuhai has built a cross-border community with over 5,000 active participants to promote industry exchange and collaboration between investors, entrepreneurs, and startups across the globe. Through engaging the community, Chuhai has built up strong relationships with key players across various industries in China’s new economy sector.

36Kr Chuhai’s new bilingual website provides a comprehensive perspective of the global new economy to Chinese readers, in both Chinese and English. The team will continue to deliver news and deep insights across the world’s emerging markets, with the aim of being the premier preferred platform for readers to access global business.

Additionally, the Chuhai website will be committed to offering services to help global players land in China more effectively. Over the last three years, Chuhai has nurtured relationships with international new-economy companies, following them closely, reporting on their top stories. This includes Bukalapak, SmartNews, Razer, Lazada, and many others.

Since inception, Chuhai has been growing rapidly and has become one of the most professional media outlets when it comes to understanding overseas markets in China. We are always on the lookout for new company stories to bring to our audience. Those with any funding or business news leads are welcome to contact us.

In addition to valuable content, Chuhai also provides services such as cross-border consulting, in-depth market research on China’s ecosystem and bespoke innovation events such as industry summits for multinational companies — empowering business collaborations and landing in China.

Feel free to reach us at if you would like to explore partnerships with 36Kr Chuhai and have any needs in connecting with or landing in the Chinese market.

36Kr Global Writers
36Kr Global Writers
The tech ecosystem is roaring. Unicorns valued at billions of dollars have emerged worldwide, while venture capital and strategic investors are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing. 36Kr Global is committed to establishing ties between global stakeholders and providing the most vital information about China’s tech scene and capital markets.

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